Beer Run | District of Columbia

ISO 400| Exposure 1/250 Second | Aperture 6.0 | Focal Length 130 mm

Scenes from the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon.

Some are in it for the time.  Some are in it for the glory.  Some are in it for the beer.

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The Osa | Puntarenas, Costa Rica

ISO 100 | Exposure 1/750 Second | Aperture 5.6 | Focal Length 8.0 mm

The high tomorrow is 39 in the District but 89 in Gulfo Dulce.  Tough choice.

We hiked to this beach where it seemed as if no other person had ever been.  I learned to surf here later in the day which was both more and less difficult than I imagined.  Standing up: Not so bad.  Paddling out to catch a wave: Super hard!  A few days later I spent the afternoon here alone with a fun “stray” dog .  He probably lived in a very nice house a hundred yards away– but I like to imagine that I was the only person for miles and miles.

I want to go back there.  Now.

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Baristas | Uptown, New Orleans

ISO 400 | Exposure 1/8 Second | Aperture 4.0 | Focal Length 38 mm

Rue de la Course is a NOLA landmark.  I’ve even been stopped on the X8 DC bus with my Rue travel mug.  They have great coffee and snacks.

Stop in any day or time and you’ll see customers sipping big cups of coffee while reading newspapers, working on laptops or chatting with friends. Rue is where Katie studied in law school and where we would meet with our wedding planner. Great local place.  The real New Orleans that you don’t see in the Quarter.

Alhambra | Grenada, Spain

ISO 100 | Exposure 1/4 Second | Aperture 3.5 | Focal Length 18.0 mm

Images of humans or animals in art is forbidden under Islamic law.  Alternatively, Islamic artists for centuries have used infinitely repeating patterns of floral and geometric shapes.  Dating back to 1333, the adornments of the walls and ceilings in the ancient Nasrid Palaces of the Alhambra present countless examples of this style of Islamic art.

This is just one of the many ornate ceilings.  The wooden ceilings are composed of numerous individual pieces of wood.  The most complex design has 8,017 pieces of wood.

ISO 100 | Exposure 1/125 Second | Aperture 7.1 | Focal Length 18.0 mm

Similarly, every inch of stucco wall is intricately carved in an expression of honoring god.

Stucco was the medium of choice for many Nasrid artists as it’s easier to carve (and to repair) than stone.

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GM Coach #2857 | Dearborn, Michigan

ISO 400 | Exposure 1/60 Second | Aperture 4.0 | Focal Length 18.0 mm

This bus, where Rosa Parks made a stand by refusing to give up her seat to a white man on December 1, 1955, is housed at the Henry Ford Museum.  It had been neglected for many years before the museum acquired and restored it.

Mrs. Parks was a 42-year-old seamstress and is said to have taken spontaneous action when bus driver James Blake demanded: “Y’all better make it light on yourselves and let me have those seats.”  She was subsequently arrested; thus, starting the modern civil rights movement.  Mrs. Parks later refuted the legend that she was just too tired to give up her seat saying that, “I was not tired physically, or no more tired than I usually was at the end of a working day.  No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.”

It should be noted that Rosa Parks was far from the first person to resist or challenge bus segregation, but her’s was the case that led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which in turn led to larger reforms.

Remarkably, you can sit in Rosa’s seat.  This her view of the bus.

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